Volunteer Information

Thank you for signing up to volunteer for RAM Oklahoma 2017!

(If you are viewing this page without having signed up already, please do so at: volunteer.ramusa.org/.)

Please review and save the following information about WHERE and WHEN to arrive for the August 5-6, 2017 event:


WHERE to ARRIVE: Idabel High School Campus, 901 N. Lincoln Rd., Idabel, OK 74745.

WHEN to ARRIVE: When you register, you will receive an email with your assignment check-in time.

WHEN it ENDS: The clinic will last until about 6 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday. All volunteers are asked to stay for the entire day. Less volunteers will result in fewer services being delivered.

WHAT to WEAR: Wear scrubs if you have them, or jeans and a t-shirt if you don’t. Wear comfortable shoes. Shorts are appropriate for non-medical volunteers. All volunteers will receive RAM t-shirts. (Open-toed shoes cannot be worn in dental clinic area.)

WHAT to BRING: If you are a licensed nurse, bring a BP meter and cuff if possible. If you are a doctor, bring a stethoscope if possible. If you are a dentist, you MAY bring your own tools if you would like, although RAM provides all necessary equipment. All dental volunteers should bring protective eye wear. If you are an optometrist or ophthalmoloist, consider bringing a diagnostic kit, your preferred 20D/90D/etc lenses, and a BIO (binocular indirect ophthalmoscope). Opticians may bring lens markers and PD rulers. (Please mark all of your materials with your initials or name for the protection of your own possessions.)

COPY of LICENSE: If you are a licensed health care provider, please bring a copy of your license with you.

FOOD and WATER: All food and beverages will be provided for VOLUNTEERS. Breakfast will be served from 5:30 a.m. to 8 a.m. Lunch will be served around 11 a.m. Dinner will be available in the late afternoon. No soda will be provided, so bring your own if you desire.